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FSD362k(2 combs+1 knife)combined-type folding machine

   It is broadly used for the folding of various kinds of presswork.The main achine is of 2 combs+1 knife configuration.The first fold composed of 2 combs can carry out 2 timesof organ folding and the second fold can complete 1 time of cross folding(chopping once)

Max.sheet size 360*750mm
Min.sheet size 50*150mm
Sheet range 40-200g/m2
Max.foling roller speed 150m/min
Max.foling knife cycle rate 200stroke/min
The bigggest height of Paper heap 650mm
MachiRe power 2.5km
Machine net weight 390kg
Overall dimensions(L*W*H) 2200*1450*1415mm 

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